Manage Sieve Scripts with KDE Kontact

KDE Kontact can manage server-side IMAP Filtering with Sieve scripts. Many IMAP Servers speak this language, and it is a handy way to get rid of Spam and sort your mailing lists’ mail into a folder.

In the menu of Kontact, select “Settings” (Einstellungen) and click on the menu entry “Manage Sieve Scripts” (Sieve Skripte verwalten). A small pop-up appears, where all fo your accounts tagged as capable of sieves in the account’s settings are checked for scripts. A dotted bullet signalizes an active script, an empty bullet shows an inactive script. Click on it to activate it.

You can also activate scripts with sieveshell from the cyrus21-admin package:

mfeilner@mfeilner-desktop:~$ sieveshell –user=mfeilner imap-server

connecting to imap-server

Please enter your password:

> list

defaultbc <- active script


> list


vacation <- active script

> activate defaultbc

> list

defaultbc <- active script


> quit


Nice, isn’t it? If you like this, try to type: sieve://username@imapserver in Konqueror or Kate! And don’t forget to select Kate’s syntax highlighting!

By the way, on upload, KDE does a syntax check before storing the file. I’ve been using this for some years now, it just works.



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