Who earns from the 16 Euro price of a CD? Only 60 cent are for the artist…

At its Website, the "Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung" (German Federal Agency for Civic Education) published an interesting chart about who earns how much from a sold CD in Germany.

Obviously the artist receives only 4 % of the 16 Euro, namely about 64 Cent. Because the value-added tax now is 19%, not 14 as in the chart, the artists’ part will be even smaller now.

The biggest parts of the cost of a CD stay at the label (31%), distribution (19%) and commerce (22%), together more than two-thirds.

A compared Single-Download does not show better results: The Artist’s share is also merely 4%, and the label’s share makes the biggest part. with 32%.

Funny: the cost of the real production for the CD in a factory are less than 1 percent.


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