Linux4afrika switches to x2go

Hans-Peter Merkel from Linux4afrika yesterday called me and told me that the X2go-training that Heinz Graesing (from the City of Treuchtlingen) had held was such a big success that the whole project will introduce x2go in the next weeks.

X2go is a Linux Terminal Server software that runs out-of-the-box supports smartcards for authentication, suspended sessions and a central LDAP-directory. It is often referred to as the opensource, linux-based alternative to Sun’s high-price Sun Ray systems. X2go works also with low-cost, old hardware or thin clients.

Linux4afrika supports third world countries by providing schools and other educational organisations with complete terminal servers and thin clients. A linux based infrastructur like Edubuntu helps teaching african children modern internet usage. Heinz GRaesing has written an excellent article in the Linux Technical Review "06 Server Based Computing" on X2go.


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