Feilner’s Law of Global Warming (FLGW)

Something I’ve been talking about for some years needs to be put straight:

I believe that the climatic change driven by the green house effect will become faster and faster as we watch. Analog to Moore’s Law in processor technology, the measured climatic change will always happen faster than the most skeptical experts of the previous years had suspected. That’s my rule of climatic change, Feilner’s Law of Global Warming (FLGW).

I know there still are chances for changes, but I do not believe that the necessary breakthrough will happen in the next few years. Maybe some big catastrophes (like Katrina, in rich countries), might bring actions on its way. However, the necessary industry providing the necessary means for such a huge project is not yet visible to me.

Meanwhile, the arctic sea is boiling from methan, which has not yet been taken into consideration for most global warming calculations.

Perhaps you noticed: I’m somewhat sceptical, aren’t you ? 🙂

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