My third Book: Beginning OpenVPN 2.0.9

May 29, 2010

It’s been already some months since Packt published my newest “oeuvre”! During the last year, despite some minor organ transplantation :-),  I managed to update my OpenVPN book – and together with Norbert Graf I added lots of information about new features, setups and details of the recent releases of the world’s best open source VPN software.

Beginning OpenVPN 2.0.9

The book covers all the cool features of the latest OpenVPN versions, including 2.1, 2.1.1 and all older versions, too. Topics like high availability, mobility, management interfaces and more are included now.

The book starts off with a in-deep introduction to VPNs, OpenVPN and its various installations on different platforms. A long, detailed section deals with the numeruous configuration options, followed by many examples for advanced setups. X.509 certificates and PKI key management make another big part of the book, followed by mobility, troubleshooting and firewalling.

Update: I found some minor mistakes in the book, mostly typos. Please read it and send any enhancement or hint, however small to my email address. Thanks a lot for any feedback that makes this book even better, and thanks a lot to all those thousands who bought the first edition during the last three years!


Linux4africa receives UNESCO Award

November 12, 2009

Like 2009, the Linux4africa Projekt has been named as one of the UNESCO Decade Projects for 2010. The award ceremony has just taken place in Munich, and Franz Epple and me were there to receive the award.

OpenVPN 2.1 rc20 is out

October 30, 2009

For those who haven’t noticed yet: A new release candidate of OpenVPN 2.1 is out. Its number is 20, the changes are mostly bug fixes. Here is the download.

German Openvpn-Forum goes Europe

January 29, 2009

One of the most popular German Openvpn sites has gone international. The Openvpn-Forum is now also available in English language. All German content, like the great wiki, the forums and the zerina documentation is still available and remain unchanged. The Makers of the Website are obviously planning to found a club, the Openvpn .e.V. Europe. and are asking users and admins to join. The new main domain is

Markus Feilner’s 2nd Book available – again, it’s in English, and on Scalix Groupware

January 21, 2008

Markus Feilner has published his newest book: This time, he took a deep look into Scalix Groupware.

Scalix Administrator's Guide

This software is in parts open source, and is one of the few mail and groupware servers that can serve the needs of fortune 500 companies.

This is not and it never was the realm of Microsoft, this is where Unix and Linux became big. This is about high-availability, stability, scalability and quality. Thousands of users on one server, automatic replication and high-end-clustering.

Furthermore, Scalix is said to have better Outlook support than Exchange itself – if you want to get the full picture, have a free look at it here.


October 20, 2007

In his article Der afrikanische Patient (german) Matthias Gräbner discusses various chances and the sad situation of Africa today.

Stunning: Coastal countries without (!) natural ressources have the best chances for stable development. If you have oil, coal or ores, bad luck!


Article in german scientific magazine “Raum und Zeit”

September 2, 2007

The german scientific journal “Raum und Zeit” (Space and Time) has published an article from me on how institutes “change” the results of a long-time study on the effects of genetically engineered corn in Germany.

Die “Raum und Zeit”, Fachmagazin für “Die neue Dimension der Wissenschaft” hat in Ihrer Aktuellen Ausgabe einen Artikel von mir zur Genmais-Problematik veröffentlicht. Interessanterweise widerspricht die Zusammenfassung dem Inhalt der Studie fast diametral:

Genmais-Studie – Institutsleitung verfälscht Ergebnis